Welcome at the birdringing station Schiermonnikoog

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Welcome at the birdringing station Schiermonnikoog

Schiermonnikoog is one of the Frisian islands, a chain of islands separating the Wadden Sea from the North Sea.
It's situated in the Dutch part of this chain, at roughly the same latitude as the Humber estuary.

Schiermonnikoog measures 16 x 5 kilometer of which one third is inhabited or used for farming.
The rest of the island is left to the dynamics of wind and sea and consists of an endless beach, ever-shifting dunes and extensive salt marshes providing an ideal habitat for - among many other species - gulls, terns, spoonbills and harriers, all breeding in numbers.
Very large numbers of waders pass through the Waddensea - and Schiermonnikoog - to and from their wintering grounds, making use of the mudflats at low tide for foraging and roosting on the salt marshes, beaches and meadows during high tide.

Schiermonnikoog can be reached by ferry from Lauwersoog or by boat. The Wadden Sea provides for adventurous yachting in summer and Schiermonnikoog for excellent birdwatching in spring and autumn.
Cars are virtually absent on the island and are replaced by bicycles as main means of transportation.
For accommodation, please contact the tourist office.

In these pages we give an overview of the station, the number of birds ringed, some pictures of spectacular or interesting species that have been trapped, and links to other ringing stations.




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